Enrolment Process

Getting started is simple. By entering your name and email on this page (right) we will send one email to make a time to talk with us.

Below are the steps we go through to make sure you and your family are completely happy in your choice of learning at Young Adventurers.


  1. Enter your email on this page.
  2. You will be sent an email that will request some very basic questions.
  3. We will phone you to discuss your family’s needs.
  4. You will be offered to book a tour of the centre so that you can see how the magic happens for yourself.
  5. You and your child can tour the centre.
  6. We answer any questions you have.
  7. Once a decision is made you would enter our waiting list.
  8. You will be contacted via email when a place is available that matches your requirements.
  9. You are then asked to confirm offer of place through our online system.
  10. You will then complete the remaining areas of your online registration.
  11. Your place on the wait list is then secured with us.
  12. Interview with Director.
  13. Completion of Enrolment and Orientation.