About us


Welcome to  your child’s learning Adventure!

Imagine if our introduction to school was; “you are going to go on an adventure, it will be fun, you will learn new things all the time, and you will meet great people along the way”. Would that have changed what school was for you? We think so too.

We engage the child in numerous ways. Everyday is an adventure in learning, in discovery, in making friends, in understanding more about the world and themselves. We have freedom within a framework, so that the child develops disciplines that they can then master which allows them to then express their creativity.

We use the Montessori pedagogy and we strongly engage the young adventurers in creative activity and play. We invite you to find out more about how we do what we do. We would love to speak to you about it, because we love to share what we know, mainly because we love what we do.

Meet our teachers

These are the hard working team that bring the adventure to Young Adventurers
Educational Leader
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What parents say about us

Our 4-year-old daughter Isla loves going to Young Adventurers because there are always so many fun, educational and inspiring activities. It is obvious how much the centre’s caring team really love the children and the centre. The amount of thought, creativity and effort they put into the weekly activities is extraordinary. There is always something fun and new to learn and do.
Communication with the parents is fantastic and the team’s enthusiasm for the Montessori system is remarkable. We are already seeing the benefits as Isla has started to read and recognise letters and numbers in the short time she has been a Young Adventurer. We are very happy Isla is going to pre-Prep at the centre next year and would absolutely recommend it to anyone with children aged 2 and a half to 5.

— Chelsea McLean