Our Visit from the Fire Department

We had a visit from the Fire Service this week! We were so grateful to them for arriving so promptly, however, it was not because of a fire, thank goodness. No, we are in the midst of our safety theme, and the great guys from the fire service at Nerang Station, firemen Brad and Ed were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to come and visit our Young Adventurers and tell them all about fire safety and the rescue services they provide.

Fire Rescue Truck at Young Adventurers The truck in front of our centre was massive and the eyes of our young adventurers were even bigger, as they took in the spectacle. Firemen Brad and Ed showed the children the various pieces of equipment that they use, the power and the precautions they deploy in various situations which had the young adventurers enthralled.

Brad and EdKids love the firesuit

The children especially enjoyed seeing them dressed up in their protective clothing and looking at the ‘jaws of life’.

They loved the idea that the jaws of life could cut a open a car or even their own truck!


Fire-suit with Airtank






We discussed all the different aspects of fire in the home and the ways in which to stay safe, and the ways to help your family in fire emergencies. We also discussed safe car travel and what to do if you were to be in a car accident. Firemen Brad and Ed did a great job at making the information interesting and at the right level for our young adventurers.

kids enthralled by firemen


We want to thank the Queensland Fire Service for giving us access to their resources and a special thanks to the Nerang Fire Department for taking the time to see us. In some ways, as nice as Firemen Brad and Ed were, we hope we never see them again, well, not in an emergency anyway. 

A big thank you from all of us. We learnt so much and are now have safer young adventurers.